Sunday, October 14, 2012

KK Burger Bakar: The Amazing Gigantic Burgers

Picture credits to Dinoza 

I remembered when Dino shared the picture of a gigantic burger, I was reckoning, "Is that for REAL?" And another question popped up in my mind, "Might be ridiculous to finish that burger by myself, right?" I giggled with the thought of impossibility. 

Guess what, Dino texted me to do another food review, and I was in disbelief and at the same time, being excited. Being a burger lover, I'm pretty sure nobody will say no to such offer

Picture credits to Wendy Wong

KK Burger Bakar! Here I come!

What makes KK Burger Bakar SPECIAL?
Based on my quick interview with Is and Ayu, this lovely couple asserted that those burgers are homemade recipe, which are greatly inspired by Australian burger as for instance. 

They initially brainstormed for more than 5 months whether it was possible to sell such homemade burgers. As I envisaged myself in their shoes and question, "Will there be any demand by the customers? What if we didn't make any profit at all?" The risk is always there when comes to any kind of business. 

However, those doubtful questions turned out to be wrong; based on my last Saturday observation, the numbers of customers flocking to KK Burger Bakar has been quite astonishing. Despite the price may look a little bit pricey for some customers, it didn't stop them to indulge on luscious yummy burgers. 

One customer said, "Not because of the price, but the taste of this burger is different from normal burger,eg. McDonald and other places, I wouldn't mind to invest for my hungry appetite."

Ayu mentioned that in the nearest future, "With our vision and mission, we are hoping to grow this business as a franchise business."

With the help of creativity, those burgers will be definitely easy to be remembered. Just look at the names, as for instance, Lava Gunung Kinabalu, Taj Mahal and etc. 

 Lava Gunung Kinabalu Burger

Eating burgers at open space area, while watching movie with friends are definitely ground-breaking notion as compared to eating popcorn in the cinema. Apart from that, for lovely couple out there, they do not have to wait for the Valentine's Day to knock at the door of their heart, the experience at KK Burger Bakar absolutely injects the passion of romanticism. ^_^

Well, do give it a try if you happened to be in Kota Kinabalu city. 

Location: KK Burger Bakar (Open Food Court), Tanjung Aru Plaza, Kota Kinabalu