Friday, April 5, 2013

Korean Dish - Bibimbap (Rice mixed with veg and beef)

When I was in Korea, this is one of my favourish dishes known as Bibimbap. I never know that it is actually pretty easy to cook. I'm starving right now. Help! :p It's better to learn through this clip. One day, I'm going to renovate my kitchen as what has been shown in this clip. The joy and pleasure to cook in bigger kitchen. Superb! Best dish for someone that you really care the most. 

Can she cook?

Women in general have been stereotyped that they can cook better as compared to the men who have been regarded as the breadwinner in the family, unable to spend most of their time in the house. I guess time has changed that most notable chefs are men. I'm not thinking of quitting my job and exploring the path as a chef. But it will be a great pleasure to know the art of cooking as to satisfy ourselves and others. It will be even more romantic to be with your partner to cook together; but I'm not sure whether it will be that romantic for knowing that cooking can be pretty challenging. One thing for sure, without any doubt, an old saying, "The husband will love his wife if she cooks well." Let's watch this interesting clip by Super Junior band on the idea of a woman and her cooking challenge to please the guys.


I-Lotus Restaurant Kota Kinabalu Branch

I-Lotus Restaurant made its very first debut in Brunei in 2004 with one mission in mind - to serve quality cuisine to its patrons. Throughout nine years of operations, they have never failed to deliver their goal and as for now, it has become one of the most reputable restaurants, for setting higher standard particularly in Chinese cuisine. Thereby, it has been featured in 2009/2010 edition of The Miele Guide (Asia's first truly independent and authoritative restaurant guide) as to recognize the great success of I-Lotus Restaurant.  

With confidence, the founder, Irene Hii has taken a bold step to set up second branch at Kepayan Point which is located along Jalan bypass Penampang. She has been a strong believer in food quality. While asserting that cooking is like an art. It is based on philosophy through the fusion of best seasonal ingredients as to create the most superb experience for all the food lovers. As for Kota Kinabalu branch, the Chef and his team is committed to ensure that freshness is the main priority whilst using their secret homemade recipe in creating delectable seafood dish. As to share their top selected dishes, my favourite dish will be the Coconut Butter Prawn. 

The soft opening was held on the 29th March 2013 and grand opening will be on the 7th April 2013. Few reasons to consider to go to I-Lotus Restaurant:
  1. Availability of the car parks
  2. Affordable price
  3. Casual dining with cosy environment
  4. Fresh seafood
  5. Delicious secret homemade gravvy recipe

Food Bloggers with the founder, Madam Irene Hii